How to Join

Who can join Army Cadets? 

Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident (i.e. landed immigrant) from the ages 12-18 may join.  We welcome new cadets throughout the school year. 

How much does it cost to join? 

There is no direct cost to any youth who wishes to join Army Cadets. Cadets are however, expected to participate in corps fundraising activities from time to time. These initiatives help support optional and extra activities.

The Sunshine Coast Army Cadet Support Association requests that you consider a donation of $60.00 per cadet at the beginning of each training year. Your donation will help cover the per-cadet fee charged by the Army Cadet League of Canada and help our corps provide equipment and opportunities for your cadet(s). The donation is not mandatory for enrollment or participation.

Download the SCACSA Parent Welcome Package

The Registration Process 

There is a new online registration process at (under ‘Unit Name’ search for 2963) for new cadets that will guide you through the registration process.

What do I need to join? 

In order to join Army Cadets, you must complete the application form (below), provide the originals of your Birth Certificate or  Citizenship Papers and of your Health Card. This information is required for age verification, in case of emergencies and for the purposes of insurance (while training). 

What forms do I need? 

The new online registration process at (under ‘Unit Name’ search for 2963) will guide you through the registration process.
We do have a couple of local forms, just for information purposes that we will ask you to fill out. You can download and bring in, or we will provide you with a copy upon our first meeting.

What do parents need to do? 

  • When you bring (or are supplied with) the forms we outlined above, please be sure to bring original examples of: 
  • Your son/daughter/ward’s BC Care Card 
  • Your son/daughter/ward’s Birth Certificate 

Where & when do I go? 

All you need to do is bring the items listed above and your parent/guardian to 4403 Hilltop Road, In Wilson Creek (up Field Rd, near the airport) on any Tuesday (unless it is a Holiday). We train from 1800 hrs until  2100 hrs (6 – 9pm). We also encourage you to check out the Training Calendar in case we have altered the training location for that night.