Cadet Code of Conduct

A Cadet undertakes:

  • to carry out all assigned duties to the best of their ability and to conform to these rules, 
  • to respect every person that they come into contact with, the environment in which they are a part and the belongings of others, 
  • not to purchase, sell, consume or distribute any alcohol, narcotics, prohibited substances, drug paraphernalia or pornographic material, 
  • not to participate in any illegal activity, 
  • not to purchase, sell or distribute tobacco products, 
  • not to consume any prescription and/or non-prescription medications unless prescribed to the Cadet for a current health issue, 
  • not to commit theft or borrow the belongings of other without the express permission of the item’s owner, 
  • to never barter, steal or sell anything that belongs to the Department of Defense, the Army Cadet League or the Corps, 
  • to respect their peers and Officers 
  • to conduct themselves towards others following the values and regulations of the Cadet Program, 
  • to never fight with, bully or shout at anyone, 
  • to be loyal, honest, courageous, diligent, fair and responsible, 
  • to respect all rules and regulations of the Corps and report any breach to an Officer,
  • to conform to all approved cadet dress regulations, 
  • to obey proper orders, directives and instructions issued by persons in positions of authority, 
  • to never do anything that might endanger the immediate safety of other persons, 
  • to greet any person in authority with the proper respect, 
  • to respect these rules both in and out of uniform.