Dress Instructions

Cadets are to ensure that their uniform is cared for. It should be washed and pressed, and all badges should be sewn on with tight stitching using black thread.
Boots should have a shine to them. There are several techniques used for shining boots, and everyone has their preference. A quick internet search can give you various ways to shine your boots, and you can adopt the one that feels right for you.
Cadet Field Training Uniforms (FTUs) should be clean, and while they don’t need to be pressed, they should be as wrinkle free as possible.
If a cadet does not have a uniform, or is waiting replacements and can not wear the complete uniform they should dress in the appropriate attire as to what uniformed cadets are wearing. If the cadets are wearing their dress uniform a cadet’s civilian clothing should be a white dress shirt with dark trousers, and if they are wearing their FTUs the cadet should be in clean jeans (or suitable pants) with no holes or tears, and the issued 2963 Seaforth Army Cadets t-shirt.

Badge Placement

Here is the official badge placement guideline for the Army Cadet tunic.

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